Dont eat walnuts, if you have these 3 problems

It is considered very beneficial to include dried fruits in the meal for health. Along with almonds, cashews, dates and walnut, many dried fruits help to stay healthy.

After all, today it is mainly used in cakes, cookies and other types of chocolate. The nutrients found in it increase many types of physical capacity and help to add energy to the body.

Using the right amount of walnut on a daily basis helps to lose weight, reduce the risk of diabetes, keep the heart healthy, reduce the risk of life-threatening cancer, and improve the digestive system in patients with bone and joint diseases. However, some people find it useless to use it.

Allergies: People with allergies or allergies should never overeat. People with allergies may experience chest problems and difficulty breathing.

Itching: Itching and skin problems should not be taken. Its bark contains ingredients that can cause red spots or itching on the skin.

Skin Cancer: Not consuming the right amount of walnut increases the risk of skin cancer. Some of these elements have a negative effect on the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer.

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