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How to make nutritious maternity soup for pregnant women?

Pregnancy is a particularly sensitive and risky condition for women. In this case, women need 25 percent more nutrients than usual.

During pregnancy, women especially need protein, iron, folic acid, vitamin A and calcium, as well as other nutrients.

In addition to nutrition, newborns need more nutritious and nutritious food to feed only breast milk for 6 months. Therefore, women need to eat nutritious soup during pregnancy.

How to make nutritious soup?
To arrange necessary ingredients to make nutritious soup. Examine rice, green mung bean, jowar and cumin thoroughly. Roast the ingredients separately and re-examine. Grind the banana ingredients again separately. Move the crushed material. Mix all ingredients and stir well.

Lightly cook the raw food items of nutritious soup prepared in this way by adding powdered soup, salt and ghee as required in hot water. Feed the pregnant woman after the soup is ready.

The rest of the raw nutritious soup can be packed in airtight containers. These are the nutrients found in 100 grams of nutritious maternity soup

-Jalans 5.8, -Protein 12.07 grams, Fat 1.85 grams, – Carbohydrates contain 75.08 grams of nutrients.

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