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Ticken improvement in Nepse, the Nepse index decreased by almost 2 percent and the transaction amount was limited to Rs 8 billion

Along with the Nepse index, the transaction amount has also declined on Wednesday. The Nepse index, which had increased by 79 points on Tuesday, declined by 51 points on Wednesday.

Although the Nepse index showed a high increase on Tuesday, it could not last on Wednesday. The Nepse index fell nearly 2 percent as investors increased selling pressure after the market opened on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the Nepse index fell by 51.65 points to 2862.18 points, while the sensitive index also fell by 7.37 points.

The transaction amount on this day has also been limited to Rs 8 billion. The turnover on Wednesday fell sharply as more than 10 billion shares were traded on Tuesday. A total of 194,17,532 shares of 218 companies were traded at a price of Rs 8,362,671,681 on Wednesday

Shares of the two companies traded at a positive circuit level. On this day, the share price of Radhi Vidyut has increased the most by 9.71 percent while that of Ngadi Group Power has also increased by 9.09 percent. Similarly, Chyangdi Hydropower has increased by 6.56 percent, Nepal Insurance by 6.16 percent and Ghalemdi Hydro by 6.02 percent.

Shares of Kalika Power Company fell the most by 5.60 per cent, followed by Nepal Finance at 5.48 per cent, Multipurpose Finance at 5.14 per cent and Nepal Hydro Developers at 5.08 per cent.

The highest turnover of Rs 540 million was recorded in Nepal Reinsurance on Wednesday, followed by Nepal Insurance at Rs 420 million, Radhi Vidyut at Rs 380 million, National Hydropower at Rs 330 million and Hydropower Investment and Development Company at Rs 300 million.

The indices of all the 13 subgroups traded on Wednesday were negative, with the Development Bank subgroup down the most at 3.49 per cent and the Hydropower and Finance subgroup at more than 2 per cent.








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